Fall into your awakening,
and find your true self…


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Your story has been given to you by the Creator and you have agreed to find the truth. God/ Divine Intelligence have no opinions. You have a mission with your soul. All of your experiences are pure intelligence. Your perspective and focus direct this intelligence. Truth or untruth.

Every day is a fresh new beginning. Yesterday no longer exists. Practicing being present is where all realities become. All patterns of truth are energy, waiting to be determined. Separation has no truth, believing you are separate numbs the soul of its own expression.

Your vibrational frequency is communicating with the universe. Your spirit, which is divine essence, is transmuting all untruths. Your spirit and the universe is in partnership in helping you to understand your true self.

There is only one truth…that all things are made in the image and lightness of God… which is love and light. Anything that does not reflect this must be TRANSMUTED.

The truth of you and the untruth of your misunderstandings have equal power because you live in the field of duality. The only way to transmute the untruth is to know the truth and to practice it. Your plan with God the Creator of all things is giving you information all the time. Your beliefs around the story interfere with this communication. Because you have free will, when you believe in an untruth you will experience the effect of this misunderstanding. You have free will, you are in control of how long you will hold on to this untruth. 

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Patricia Hill

Patricia Hill’s writing is characterized by the same enthusiasm, wisdom and humor she brings to her work as an intuitive life coach and energy healer. As a Certified Spiritual Coach, with her low-key, informal style and impressive success at facilitating life-changing insights and energy shifts for her clients, it’s no wonder that Patricia’s workshops, classes and private coaching sessions are booked months in advance.


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Praise For Patricia…

  • “Her guidance has helped enable me to release old patterns and move down new paths. During a big change in my life, Patricia’s work helped allow me to be open to new possibilities.

  • “… Her gentle, accepting way of being, along with the gift of her spiritual guidance, created a pathway to healing for me. She has helped me to stay true to myself, open myself to love, and embrace life!”

  • “She has a wonderful way of delivering information and is a gifted and kind healer. Thank you Patricia for helping me to find my balance and take care of body, mind and spirit!”

  • “Patricia’s warm and direct style [and] her excellent exercises…helped me to get clearer than I have ever been. She reminded me that I too can be in touch with my Angels.”

The Pulse of the Heart Truth

What questions does your mind ponder?
What does your Universe look like?
Where are you stuck?

Your Beliefs are your solidified messages. What you believe, is true for you, whether it’s true or not, This is your Freewill. Whatever you believe will be placed energetically into your reality, over and over until you change you mind.

How do you change your belief, in such a way, that you shift into your new reality?

The Pulse of the Heart Truth is a program of Self Discovery, creating awareness and uncovering your deepest untruths. This is your auto-drive.  Think about all your experiences everyday and all the opportunities you are given to you to find a deeper truth, but you continue to drive through the maze, until you hit the wall!!!! Your reality can be much more!

Harmony is the awareness you build and integrate in the 16 week program, that I have facilitated for 5 years. When you uproot and transmute learned imprint, and accept Divine imprint, you change your perspective. Because of your own self discovery, this gives you a new auto drive, and the self observation when you are in an experience, that needs your conscious awareness and change of action. 

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